07 Mar Week report 1 Glacier King 2017

This is our first week report of the season. We’re proud to say we had an amazing group form the U.K. Willing to learn about the river and no problem whatsoever with walking, wich we did indeed.
The group was a total of 6 rods, including their group leader Peter Collingsworth who already knew the river from last season.
Weather, hard to say something that people don’t know yet. It’s been variating during the week period. We had rain, winds, cold-ish days and even some sunny days with clear-calm water. This was affecting the river conditions ergo the fish.The sessions were split in two per day or all day.
Tacle used was 9/10 weight rods, with skagit lines and a mix of sinking tips that vary according to pools and depth.


What about flys? These guys had an impressive collection of them. Nymphs!! Wow. We had good results with the ones we brought to the lodge as well. Our best was a popcycle with a green salmon egg as a head, patterns black, blue and purple, carrying in the back a trailor hook. Killer! The tippet used was a 30/35 lbs.
Salmon were tricky, it was a technical week. Everybody had to work hard for this kings, wich were spooky. Usually the first week of the season is like this but totally worth when you hook a fish and feel that power of a fresher fish.
Numbers were tough to accept, we hooked a total of 20 and only landed 9.

_DSC9132 bichazo

Let us tell you about a fishing day. We started fishing in the middle part of the river, in a holding pool at morning. From the begining we saw no activity in the water, too sunny and clear water, adding some wind from west side.


We reached half point of the session, by then the river was a little bit higher because of the wind that pushes more water from the upper lake Pearson. The wind was strong, gusting even harder. Cristian, one of the guides decided to keep fishing in the lake, at the mouth of the river. He said “we have to go now”. The fish were and the begining of the river and mouth. Clouds were the only missing factor but appeared seconds before Cristian decided to go. After a crazy-ballistic hike they reached that bit and inmediatly saw docens of fish. Amazing!! Prepared to cast with wind ,they had only an hour before the pick up showed up. Covering the water wasn’t a hard thing to do for these guys. No hooking yet until one took Chris’s fly almoust at his feet!! Suddendly there was a train heading fo the lake. A perfect fresh Queen not happy with the take. It took over 140 m of Chris’s line. The fight lasted for a couple of minutes, very tough until the Queen lost the fly. He had beated the strong wind but not the Queen. After that rushing moment, sun appeared and session was almout done. The came back to the lodge dissapointed with the no-landing but excited and unregrated to had gone to the lake. Good session.

Our top rod of the week Peter Collingsworth. Landed 3 fish. Good job Peter!!  Incredible team work on this group.