31 Mar Week report 12 Las Buitreras 2017

Norwegian Takeover or the Return of Gro
Is it the ”Calm before the storm”, or the Calm after the storm”? Nomatter what the correct term is the latter is definitely true here at Estancia Las Buitreras! It’s the day after our Norwegian friends left us and we are still walking aorund the lodge wondering what happened! A 24/7 fishing/party/ frenzy takes its toll on both guests and staff but with so much laughter it’s not so tough to regroup and get back to normal!


The conditions on arrival was pretty good with good water conditions and slightly colored water. With really good casters throughout the whole group they immedialtey started catching fish. The seatrouts were not attacking as much as we had hoped for but after 3 days more than 50 seatrout had still been landed. Much thanks to the skill level of the group!


Marit with her super smooth casting technique really impressed the guides and she also landed the biggest fish of the week: a 95 cm + slightly colored female in Upper Kitchen! She also lost a couple of really big fish during the week. Overall a very impressive performance.


Group leader and host Steinar, always the entertainer, kept the boys up late at night with one story after the other usually ending up with the group crying with laughter.

The last couple of days saw summer return with some of the boys fishing in t-shirts! We are all happy they kept their waders on. And with the sun and warm weather coming back, well to quote Mr Lloyd from the movie Dumb and Dumber, Estancia Las Buitreras turned into a place where thee beer flows like wine! And vice versa..


A very skilled group of fisherman saw 3 days of pretty good conditions and 3 days with low and super clear water conditions. Wind direction changed a lot during the week but remained moderate in Patagonian standards for most of the week.

Good level and color in the beginning of the week. Dropping and getting very clear by the end of the week. Small schools of fresh fish was coming up the river during the whole week.
Total number of seatrout landed: 79
Biggest landed: 20 lbs + (97 cm) landed by Marit
Top rod of the week: Steinar with 11 Seatrout landed.

Total Number of Brown trout landed: 60 +
Biggest: A bunch in the 6-7 lbs range

Total Number of wine bottles: 182