29 Mar Week report 2 Glacier King 2017

Our second week has come to an end. We had amazing fishing with a nice group of anglers. These crew members came from Italy, France, Japan and Argentina. Wow!

This time we had a spinning rod involved. Asatoshi Okiyama from Shimano Pro Team and his buddy and filmmaker Shoji Igarashi were fantastic. We landed 15 fishes only with the spinning, having weights up to 69.5 lbs., setting the bar even higher. On the fly the number was a bit lower, landing 9 fish. We lost 21 fish in total.
Conditions on this week were pretty similar to week 1. We experienced water rises and some milky water as well. Weather changes dramatically as usual so we don’t get much surprises.
The fly fishing group was divided into 2, one group concentrating on the upper part of the river and the other group on the lower, using as rally point the 2 main holding pools.
Again, our flies from the lodge worked wonderfully, especially the ”pollo’s killer” chartreuse head. Every angler brought double hand rods, 9 weight.

Our goal was reached by the end of the week. Each fisherman could feel the power of the kings on his rod and land one. Done!
Funny story about this incredible week. Alejandro, the Argentinian hoocked a fish on Friday on the afternoon session. It was his first fight with the mighty ones. One of the guides immediately assisted him in order not to fall on the slippery rocks of the Whale Stone pool. Now all the guys present were paying attention and even helping Alejandro. One especial thing to mention, he had mayor problems on his back and can’t walk very much because of that. Another thing to bring up, the fish was HUGE! After 15 minutes, Alejandro’s arms and back couldn’t take it. Luckily Bernard was around and helped him on the final moment. The fish was landed and surprisingly ended up being the biggest on the fly of the week. Congrats Ale and the guys!! Team work as it’s best.

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