31 Jul Kangia opening week

First week of the season and the river is quickly filling up with Silver shining chrome bars in the form of char! As the guides and lodge staff was on location since early July they’ve been watching the first schools of searun arctic char make their way through sea pool and up the river and it’s been a very impressive sight to see. With the Kangia river lodge being located up the hill next to seapool you have a perfect view right into the clear glacier water and on sunny days you can almost count the number of fish heading up!


If the set up week was blessed with blue skies and warm, sunny weather the first official week of the season was another story entirely. The weather was changing constantly and the average temp dropped from somewhere around 20 C to around 12 C. Rain and heavy wind was predominant although we had one or two really nice days.


The fishing however was just as good as expected! It’s basically up to the angler how many fish you want and have the stamina to catch. Fish are strong and they fight hard! If you think this is a hook and land type of fishing then think again. 0.35 leaders and screaming reels are to expect from every fish, no matter size.

Except for the few resident fish landed, the fish during the premiere week was entirely chrome colored searun’s with no more than a couple days tops in the river!


The average size fish of the week was around 2 kg. As schools of fish enter and move up the river you can hit a pool with almost only big fish (2-5 kg) while that same pool will have a new school of fish there the following day in another size.

Best pools and type of spots: We found most of the big fish in deeper pools with some backwater section whereas the smaller fish was spread out all over the river. As always the smaller fish are the more aggressive so for the trophy hunters it’s about finding ways to get your fly on the nose of the big ones.


Flies: The key to success this week was to change regularly until you found the winner for the day. We had days where pink was by far the best and the following day the fish wouldn’t look at anything but green. We tested these theories hard during the week and funnily enough it was very clear that some days it was all about having the right color. We had our guides fishing different pools, trying every single color in their box and they came back with the same results every time; one color being a clear winner.


Apart from the river fishing the group spent 1 ½ day fishing the ocean trying to figure out the Halibut and Wolffish game. Unfortunately the halibut’s didn’t want to play this week but the wolffish were on and all 4 anglers managed to land several. The biggest landed was a spotted wolffish weighing in at 18 kg, caught by Swedish music and TV star Marko (Markoolio). To say Marko was excited is a severe understatement and a video with his catch has been circulating on various Swedish social media platforms.


The ocean here is so full of fish and life that it’s almost hard to take in. Anglers will catch cod or char in almost every cast in the bay outside the river mouth and whales are surfacing around you regularly when cruising the open water or even in the bay outside the river. Bring your cameras, drones or whatever new photo or video gimmicks you may have for some spectacular photo opportunities!

Week 1 stats

Due to a private booking of the lodge there were only 4 anglers sharing the lodge and river this week

Number of fisherman: 4
Appreciated Number of fish: 150
Biggest landed: 3,9 kg (8.6 lbs) by Pasi Helin
Appreciated Average size: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
Weather: Predominantly chilly and cloudy with rain and wind. One or two sunny days with blue skies