Eagle Valley Lodge – Patagonia


Located in southern Patagonia, this newly discovered world-class rainbow trout fishery is deserving of some serious recognition. For years, passionate trout anglers the world over have heard stories about our former program Jurassic Lake, and now, we’re thrilled to announce we’ve found a new location that lives up to if not exceeds our old stomping grounds! Fisheries of this quality are truly unique and we are beyond excited to show our new place: Eagle Valley Lodge, to the world!


This amazing fishery consists of two separate lakes connected by a 3 km long stream. We’ve been closely monitoring the fishing over the last couple of years to examine the development of this rainbow population and we’re more than impressed by the way things have progressed. We’ve observed these fish spawning several times already and the average weight of these fish today is between 4-5 kg with plenty of even larger fish around.