Tackle & Technique


Recommended equipment for this place includes light tackle in the 5 – 6 weight range. Anglers can go lighter or heavier depending on personal preference but considering the average size of these fish, we don’t recommend using anything lighter than 5 weight rods. Fishing in the river will largely consist of sight fishing, where anglers will have the privilege of trying to target specific fish with either skated dry flies or basically whatever technique they prefer. We recommend anglers use premium reels with enough room to allow for at least 150 yards of backing, otherwise you’d better be ready to run.


Rods: 5 and 6 weight single hand rods are recommended as the general tools but 7 weight rods will give anglers looking to land the biggest fish in the lake an advantage.


Reels: Premium reels with a smooth brake system and enough space to fit at least 150 yards of backing.


Lines: We recommend floating lines for the stream and the shallow lake. Anglers wanting to try the drop off in the deeper lake can bring an intermediate line or sink tip.


Leader / Tippet Material: Monofilament or Fluorocarbon tapered leaders and tippet material in the 12 – 18 lb range.

Flies: Dry flies such as Chernobyl ants, small mouse patterns, and some elk caddis work well, in addition to nymphs like hare, copper John’s, and stone flies for selective fish. The most important flies in your box will be the black streamers with bead heads such as woolly buggers and zonkers.