Glacier King – Patagonia, Argentina


Our Glacier King lodge is embedded amidst the most picturesque scenery that Andean Patagonia and Los Glaciares National Park have to offer. We are exceptionally fortunate to have been granted access to the sacred headwaters of the mighty Caterina River, home to the only known run of Atlantic king salmon. Though a world renowned region for sport-fishing, this particular Atlantic king salmon run is well off the beaten path and remains a fishery known only to a select few. Known for their amazing runs and strength beyond compare, king salmon are widely considered to be the spey fisherman’s ultimate dream. Fishing for kings at this location is truly extraordinary and the strength and stamina of these fish is unmatched by most freshwater species on this planet! While 30 – 45 lb fish are considered normal, bigger 60 – 70 lb fish are around most of the time. The biggest king landed during the 2018 season was measured and estimated at 90 lbs with another king estimated at 88 lbs landed that same week.


The river offers everything from deep glacial pools to shallow fast running streams, where you can sight cast into the clear shallow water. Surrounded by historic ice formations, eroded rocky cliffs, and native woods, this is a truly spectacular location. In the event that you’d like learn or improve your casting technique, all our guides are keen instructors.