Tackle and Technique

Most of the fishing requires you to strip the fly generating violent strikes. There are also pools where sea trout (also known as searun brown trout) can be taken by simply swinging the fly as one would for Atlantic Salmon but generally speaking, these fish don’t favor the same types of flies as salmon do. They lie in quieter seams and tails and the motion imparted by stripping the fly produces some fantastic “induced” takes. We like shooting heads because the maximum effective fishing distance with each cast is much greater than with that of a normal line. It is nice to have a two-handed rod in heavy wind, but most of the fishing can be accomplished with a one-hander. It comes down to a matter of personal preference. WF lines in weights #7-8 Float or Clear Intermediate heads (a line built up like a shooting head) are the most popular depending upon the size of the fly.


Rods: A 7 weight, 9-10 foot single hand rod, accompanied by a 7-8 weight, 12-13 foot double hand rod, will have you covered for most pools and weather conditions. However you can easily go up or down a class depending or personal preferences and weather conditions. Bring a 5 or 6 weight single hand for some great brown trout action.


Single-hand lines: Please bring at least one floating line and one intermediate line (clear line preferred). We recommend Rio outbound, Rio single-hand spey float, Rio single-hand spey 3D, Rio outbound intermediate (full head), or any clear intermediate shooting heads.


Switch lines: Rio intouch switch chucker with intouch skagit mow tips, Rio scandi heads with different tips (T4-T14)


Double-hand / Spey lines: Scandi heads are popular as they suit the conditions in Rio Gallegos and allow you to strip your line in while fishing it (this is a must when fishing for sea trout). Another advantage with the scandi heads is that they allow for quieter presentations than spey or skagit lines normally. We recommend using Vision Ace, Rio Scandi heads with tips T4-T14, Rio AFS hover intermediate / clear intermediate head, Rio skagit max with a variety of tips.


We recommend you carry a variety of tips in different densities and sinking rates with you each day as conditions amongst the pools vary greatly, even within the same beat. Having a selection of different tips on hand will allow you to adapt quickly to changing conditions.


Leader / Tippet: We normally use tapered fluorocarbon or monofilament leaders in the 15-25 lb range. We also recommend that you bring spools of tippet material in the 12-25 lb range to cover all the conditions you encounter.